Aegis shield (508)

The Aegis Shield belongs to Zee. It protects her and is kept within reach.

Zee had it hung on a wall of the penthouse suite she took over together with Heratio and Iris.


TRICK: The aegis shield. Mythology says you were never without its protection.
ZEE: No glove, no love. (End of Faes)


  • The aegis or aigis, as stated in the Iliad, is carried by Athena and Zeus, but its nature is uncertain. It had been interpreted as an animal skin or a shield, sometimes bearing the head of a Gorgon. The aegis of Athena is referred to in several places in the Iliad. It produced a sound as from a myriad roaring dragons and was borne by Athena in battle. According to Edith Hamilton's Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes, the Aegis is the breastplate of Zeus, and was "awful to behold". However, Zeus is normally portrayed in classical sculpture holding a thunderbolt or lightning, bearing neither a shield nor a breastplate. The aegis also appears in Ancient Egyptian mythology. The goddess Bast sometimes was depicted holding a ceremonial sistrum in one hand and an aegis in the other – the aegis usually resembling a collar or gorget embellished with a lioness head.[1]
  • THE GORGO AIX (or Aex) was an ancient Gorgon slain by Zeus at the start of the Titan war. He made his famous Aigis (or Aegis) cape from her skin – a goatish-hide rimmed with serpents – and placed her terrifying visage upon it. Aix was a daughter of Helios the sun-god. Like the aigis-shield itself, she represented the storm cloud. In Greek the word aigis has a dual meaning, being both "stormy" and "goatish," hence the close connection between the goat and storms in myth.[2]



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