Agallamh (109)

An Agallamh is a sacred Fae ceremony invoked on La Shoshain that forces warring parties to sit down and engage in peace talks.

If the Agallamh fails at reaching an accord, the person who invoked it forfeits his or her life.

Bo called for one without being aware of the full consequences, in an effort to end the feud between the Kavanaugh brothers, Shawn and Liam, and thus avert the Banshee foretelling of Shawn's death.

The invoker of the ritual must choose a Claymore from the community present. The Claymore is a volunteer who agrees to kill the invoker if the Agallamh fails.

The risk taken by the invoker may explain why this rite of resolution is rarely employed.


  • "Agallamh" is Irish and Scottish Gaelic for "interview." Its older form "Acallam" is usually translated "colloquy."[1]



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