Aitvaras - luck cat (505)


The Aitvaras is an ancient spirit that presents itself as a magic cat.

Character arc

The Aitvaras spiritized a cat taxidermy. The spirit brings luck to its owner and the people around them — but steals the luck from those who don't pay it reverence. It cannot be destroyed while it is feeding luck to someone or else it will instantly devour their spirit, and the person will die. If a person embraces the luck received from an Aitvaras, they transform into a cat.

Bo received the Aitvaras as a birthday gift and as its spirit gradually attached itself to her, she began turning into a cat.


Aitvaras is a household spirit in Lithuanian mythology. Aitvaras is identical to the Latvian Pūkis. In many cases, this Lithuanian creature is described as having the appearance of a rooster while indoors and the appearance of a dragon outdoors. An Aitvaras will lodge itself in a house and will most often refuse to leave. It brings both good and bad luck to the inhabitants of the house. Aitvaras provide their adopted home with stolen gold and grain, often getting the household into trouble. According to many, an Aitvaras can be purchased from the devil – the price being that person's soul. If the Aitvaras dies, he becomes a spark.[1]



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