Akvan-Earl (216)

Earl, an Akvan

An Akvan is type of Fae considered "dumb" by other Fae.

Character arc

Akvans are viewed as simpleminded because they mature slower than most Fae.

Earl was an Akvan.


  • "Aka Manah" is the Avestan language name for the Zoroastrian daeva "Evil Mind", "Evil Purpose", "Evil Thinking" or "Evil Intention". Aka Manah is the demon of sensual desire that was sent by Ahriman to seduce the prophet Zarathustra. Aka Manah is the hypostatic abstraction of accusative akem manah, "manah made evil". The objectification of this malign influence is the demon Aka/Akem Manah, who appears in later texts as Middle Persian Akoman and New Persian Akvan.[1]
  • Akvan is a div, which is an evil spirit in Persian mythology whose modus operandi is to do harm to humans. Whether it’s through spreading lies or destruction, it is all done for nothing more than the pleasure of it.[2]



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