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Anna Silk
Date of Birth
31 January 1974
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
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Anna Silk (born January 31, 1974) is a Canadian actress. Initially known for her work on the Nicoderm Canadian commercial as Deb, a flight attendant trying to quit smoking, she has since guest-starred in Being Erica and landed the star role in Lost Girl.

Also She's super pretty.


Silk was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, the daughter of Ilkay Silk, a prominent actor, director, producer, playwright and educator in Fredericton; some of Anna's earliest memories were going to play rehearsals and watching her mother work. She graduated from St. Thomas University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1997. She appeared in at least two productions with Theatre St. Thomas, Seven Meneus and The Kitchen.

Silk is noted throughout Canada for playing Deb, a bitterly angry and overstressed flight attendant attempting to quit smoking in a NicoDerm nicotine patch TV commercial.

She moved to Toronto to further her acting career in November 1999. Since approximately 2008, Silk has resided in Los Angeles, and as of 2009 portrays the title character, a succubus named Bo Dennis, in the Canadian television series Lost Girl.

She met actor Seth Cooperman at an actor's workshop in Los Angeles. They were reported to be engaged in August 2009, and have since married in a ceremony held in Fredericton. Silk, who was not raised with organized religion, converted to her husband's Jewish religion.


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