Arianrhod is the Keeper of Time and Karma.

Character arc

Arianrhod and The Morrigan had a "run in" and Arianrhod cursed the Dark Fae leader, telling her that all the bad things she had done would come back to her.

She did not appear in the series.


  • Arianrhod is a figure in Welsh mythology who plays her most important role in the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi. She is the daughter of Dôn and the sister of Gwydion and Gilfaethwy; the Welsh Triads give her father as Beli Mawr.[1]
  • Her name means "silver wheel," and many have seen in Arianrhod the remnants or reflection of an ancient moon goddess; conversely, she may be a mother goddess of the land, since such goddesses were often described as virgin mothers; yet again, she has been called a dawn goddess because she is mother of both light (Lleu) and darkness (Dylan). She was said to live surrounded by her maidens in her castle on the coastal island of caer arianrhod, which is also an idiomatic Welsh name for the constellation called Corona Borealis. In that seagirt (or starry) realm, she lived wantonly, which suggests a parallel to the Breton figure of dahut. She has also been compared to the ancestral goddess bran-wen, for the Welsh triads name her as one of the "three fair maidens" or "white ladies" of the isle of Britain.[2]



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