Ba'al was a Dark Fae and member of the Red Caps gang.

Ba'al (111)-1
First appearance: Faetal Justice










Dark Fae


Gang member

Known Relatives:



Fierce fighter

Portrayed by:

Carl Campbell

Character arc

Ba'al worked at the Carpe Noctem as a bouncer and "entertainment provider" for BDSM-oriented patrons.

Many years ago Dyson was tracking some Dark Fae who were leaving a trail of bodies around town. In a house uptown, Dyson and his partner found a husband and wife butchered. Their murderer was determined to be a member of the Red Cap gang since he left behind a sink full of blood. Dyson went to get justice, but the redcap Ba'al got the drop on him and stuck him with a silver blade. Dyson almost bled out while Ba'al stood watching.

In the beginning of Faetal Justice, Dyson and Ba'al have a fight and Ba'al recalls their previous encounter. When Ba'al is killed in the alley outside of Carpe Noctem by what appears to be a Werewolf, Dyson is blamed.

Ba'al (111)-2

Vex declares that Ba'al was a very dear friend of his. Bo discovers that Ba'al's duty in Carpe Noctem was supplying unaware victims and slaves for BDSM sessions in VIP rooms, and that victims had their memories erased so they wouldn't know what had happened to them.

Ba'al had been killing victims after several BDSM sessions. The last victim was a Light Fae young woman, Mica Ruth Grey, and there was a human witness to her murder who alerted Dyson.

As a Red Cap, Ba'al had to periodically dye his cap with the blood of a victim.


Ba'al was sadistic and a ruthless murderer of the serial-killer variety. He enjoyed sadism as a sexual preference.


Vex suggested that his relation to Ba'al was more than that of boss to employee. In It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away, Bo discovered that Vex was into masochism and submission.




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