A Barometz is a Fae species that is part-plant and part-sheep.

Character arc

When the bones of a Barometz are ground, the blood is boiled and the smoke inhaled, provoking a vision of the future.

(The Barometz is mentioned but not seen in episode.)


The Vegetable lamb of Tartary (Latin: Planta Tartarica Barometz) is a legendary zoophyte of Central Asia, once believed to grow sheep as its fruit. The sheep were connected to the plant by an umbilical cord and grazed the land around the plant. When all accessible foliage was gone, both the plant and sheep died. Underlying the myth is a real plant, Cibotium barometz, a fern of the genus Cibotium. It was known under various other names including the Scythian lamb, the borometz, barometz and borametz, the latter three being different spellings of the local word for lamb.[1]



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