Maganda (211)

Maganda, a Batibat

A Batibat is a Light Fae species that belongs to one tree and one tree belongs to them.

Character arc

Maganda is a Batibat. A batibat is generally peaceful until someone cuts down a batibat's tree. Every sliver is a part of them and they won't let any of it go, to the point where they'll kill to get it back. The tree is its home. The batibat is compelled to kill to reclaim her home as a primal instinct.

Batibat Fae (211)

Batibats have great physical strength and durability and are immune to sonic attacks like those of a siren due to living with birdsong their entire lives.

These Fae may be considered shapeshifters, because in Trick's book of Fae it shows their true form.

Maganda appears as a friendly, older homeless lady. However, the true form of a batibat was glimpsed by its shadow when Maganda killed her third victim.


  • The Batibat (or Bangungot) is a vengeful demon found in Ilocano folklore. These demons were blamed as the cause of the fatal nocturnal disease called bangungot. A batibat takes the form of a huge, old, fat woman that resides in trees. They usually come in contact with humans when the tree that they reside in is felled and made into a support post for a house. This causes them to migrate into holes found in the post. The batibat forbids humans from sleeping near its post. When a person does sleep near it, the batibat transforms to its true form and attacks that person. It sits upon the chest of its victim until he suffocates.[1]



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