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Ciara is a Light Fae Fairy-Scuffock hybrid (see: Scáthach[1]).

Ciara (205)
First appearance: BrotherFae of the Wolves


Ciara O'Breen






Fairy-Scuffock Hybrid


Light Fae
Laignach Faelad

Known Relatives:

Stefan (Husband; deceased)
King of Ailech (Husband; deceased)


  • Teleportation
  • Superior warrior skills

Portrayed by:

Lina Roessler

Character arcEdit

Ciara was Dyson's trainer in combat skills, and his companion and battle partner in ancient times. She was a member of the Laignach Faelad pack of wolf-shifters that served the King of Ailech. In that era, she was the wife of Stefan, another wolf-shifter that was a very good friend of Dyson. By request of the king, Stefan went on a suicide mission, dying in battle before Dyson could save him. This was meant to leave Ciara free to marry the king. Because of this, Dyson refused to follow the King of Ailech any longer, leaving the pack forever.

220 Ciara teleport-1

Fairy-Scuffock Warrior
2.20 "Lachlan's Gambit"
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In modern times, another of the pack, Cayden, shows up to ask for Dyson's help and it turns out he is also obsessed with Ciara and has her captive. Dyson initially agrees to help him, but his treason is discovered and Ciara is rescued and she is free to become Dyson's lover.

Ciara is a billionaire, having inherited the company she and her dead husband built together. She has issues with Bo's previous relationship with Dyson, mainly with Dyson's refusal to discuss it or how it damaged him, but after Bo saves her life she starts trusting her and seeks to befriend her.

Trick and Bo both referred to Ciara as a "Fairy Queen". She sacrificed herself to save Bo from being killed by The Garuda.


Warrior skills: Her mother was a Scuffock who passed down her warrior skills to her.

Teleportation: She could transfer from one position to another with high-velocity.


Stefan and Ciara (205)

Ciara and Stefan
2.05 "BrotherFae of the Wolves"

  • Stefan: Ciara and Stefan were married and she became a widow after the King of Ailech had him killed so that he could take Ciara as his bride.
Dyson-Bo-Ciara (205)

Ciara and Dyson
2.05 "BrotherFae of the Wolves"

  • Dyson: Ciara taught Dyson and his wolf-shifter pack the art of war. They were in love with each other but Dyson did not act upon it because she was Stefan's mate. In BrotherFae of the Wolves, they were reunited after the passage of many centuries and the death of the King; however, although a romantic relationship ignited between them, it ended after Dyson confessed to her that he was unable to return her love after The Norn took his ability to love anyone.
  • Mother: A Scuffock and a warrior.
  • Father: A Fairy.

Quotes Edit

"You couldn't give up your wolf to save your best friend, my husband, who you knew for a hundred years. But you were willing to give up your wolf for this woman you've known for a few months? ... You're not the man I thought you were." – to Dyson (Midnight Lamp)

Trivia Edit

  • Teleportation power: It's unknown if this was a Fairy or Scuffock ability. It seemed that Ciara needed to flex her right arm when she wanted to do it. It may be significant that she flexed the arm where she had her bracelet, an object of great power. It's unknown if this power came from the bracelet, if the bracelet enhanced an existing power, or if it was unrelated to Ciara's ability.
  • The full extent of Ciara's powers remained unclear.

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