Ciara Bracelet (221)

Ciara's bracelet was made of genuine iridium, a very rare metal.

When Kenzi stole it during Ciara's wake to offer it to The Norn in exchange for her returning Dyson's love passion, The Norn did not accept the bracelet.

Ciara w bracelet (220)

The Norn told them that the one who had worn the bracelet had a gifted essence but the power of the bracelet was nothing without the wearer.

Ciara wore the mystical bracelet on her right wrist and when she was about to teleport, she flexed her right arm.

220 Ciara teleport-1

2.20 "Lachlan's Gambit"
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It's unknown if the power of teleportation came from the bracelet, if the bracelet enhanced an existing power, or if there was no relation.


  • When The Norn rejected the bracelet as being of no value without its wearer, it indicated that it had been created for Ciara only.
  • Ciara was not wearing the bracelet in her first appearance in the series, when she was freed by Bo and Dyson from her captivity by Cayden (BrotherFae of the Wolves), which may or may not suggest that the bracelet is the source of her teleportation powers.


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