Clan Scafati (217)

Clan Scafati was one of the four founding Noble families of the Light Fae. The clan Scafati was more powerful than the Zamora, the Fin Arvin, and the Bukharin kinfolk combined.

Clan Scafati (Pompeii) (217)

The other three Noble families conspired against Clan Scafati and made a compact using the Cherufe that lived below Mount Vesuvius to eliminate Clan Scafati. In return they promised him the first girl born to each family, every hundred years. The destruction of the clan made Mount Vesuvius erupt and destroy Pompeii in 79 CE, exterminating entire generations of humans and Fae. The three clans then tricked the creature and buried him under the mountain. The Fae called the destruction of Pompeii the "rape of Scafati".


2.17 The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire (mentioned only)

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