Sturgess and Val Santiago (217)

Zamora clan not receiving Kenzi

Clan Zamora is one of the four Founding Noble families of the Light Fae. The current head of Clan Zamora is Sturgess Santiago. Many centuries ago, the Zamora entered into a secret pact with Clan Fin Arvin and Clan Bukharin to eliminate Clan Scafati, who at the time was more powerful and influential than all the other clans combined.

Clans - Noble Families (217)

Using the assistance of a Cherufe, the Clans destroyed the Scafati before tricking the Cherufe into a mountain, imprisoning it for centuries. The Cherufe managed to escape the mountain, and proceeded to hunt down and kill the heads of the Finarvin and Bukharin clans. It was on its way to kill Sturgess Santiago when Bo killed it by dousing it with liquid nitrogen.

Sturgess cuts homage cake (217)

The division into four, to honor the founders

In Truth and Consequences, when Hale referred to himself as "heir to the Zamora clan," Trick corrected him by responding: "Not technically. There's still Val and your cousin Mitch." This suggests that becoming head of a clan is not based on primogeniture.

With the exception of Hale, the Zamora Clan is not known to be friendly toward humans, seeing them as inferior beings. Sturgess Santiago claimed the Zamora did believe in supporting charity.


Twig of Zamora

The Twig of Zamora is a magical artifact of Clan Zamora that was traditionally passed down from father to son, and protected the holder. Sturgess Santiago gave it to Hale as protection during his inauguration as The Ash. (Hail, Hale)

Zamoran Family Code

Complexity, courage, strength, and beauty;
Mindful always of your duty;
To ties of blood and those we love;
With gentle hands, wings of a dove;
Ready thyself, on guard, be keen. (Origin)