Coquetel (506)

The Coquetel is a special cocktail called "the drink of prophesy" by the Ancients. It was the original, classic cocktail of the Fae. In ancient times, drinking a Coquetel was used to reveal the future.

The ingredients for the cocktail are: ambrosia spirits, bark from the Chuchuhuasi tree soaked in rum, and a boiled egg.


The Chuchuhuasi tree (Maytenus krukovii) is a tree species native to the Amazon rainforest; it grows in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. This large tree contributes significantly to the forest canopy. In the Quechua languages the tree is called chuchuhuasi or chuchuhuasha. This name in all its permutations means "trembling back", due to the bark's effectiveness in relieving back pain, as well as the discomforts of arthritis and rheumatism. Indigenous peoples of the Amazon drink decoctions and tinctures of the bark as an herbal tonic of great medicinal value.[1]



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