Dark Ceilidh dance-off (405)

Dark Ceilidh dance-off

A Dark Ceilidh is a festive gathering put on by the Dark Fae.

The Dark clan appropriate a private estate and all its possessions to throw a party featuring servants, feasting, entertainment, and dancing.

The Morrigan and her clan took over a wealthy mansion where a human wedding was being held, the bride and groom were killed, and other humans present were used to feed from and dispose of.


In modern usage, a cèilidh or ceilidh is a traditional Gaelic social gathering, which usually involves playing Gaelic folk music and dancing. It originated from Ireland and Scotland, but is now common throughout the Scottish and Irish diasporas. In Scottish Gaelic it is spelled cèilidh, and in Irish it is spelled céilí. Originally, a ceilidh was a social gathering of any sort, and did not necessarily involve dancing. In more recent decades, the dancing portion of the event has usurped the older meanings of the term, though the tradition of guests performing music, song, story telling and poetry still persists in some areas.[1]



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