Death Train (402) 1

The Death Train is a "purgatory" that exists in a dimension outside of the physical plane.

The train carries damned souls and the trapped souls can be heard screaming as they're futilely trying to get out.

Bo on Death Train (402)

The train makes scheduled stops and beings can leave or enter it with an invitation, but anyone who jumps off the train before a stop evaporates.

The handmaiden on the train explained to Bo that the only way for someone to be able to leave the train before a scheduled stop was with the help of an Elemental, otherwise they would get transcendental sickness and die (Waves). Before dying, the sickness created delirium and stomach cramps.

Death Train (402) 2

Dyson used an Elemental Nymph, Clio, to get on and off the Death Train because as an Elemental she could traverse the intersecting planes of existence and be his anchor on the train.




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