Donovan is a Light Fae and old friend of Trick.

Donovan (208)
First appearance: Death Didn't Become Him








Light Fae

Known Relatives:

Christoph (Husband)



Portrayed by:

Von Flores

Character arc

Donovan had a husband named Christoph, who was a ballet dancer. One day, Donovan and Christoph got into an argument about one of Christoph's performances. Donovan refused to attend, so Christoph drove himself and was killed in a car accident. Donovan felt guilt over his husband's death since there hadn't been an opportunity for closure.

A couple of days after Christoph's burial, his grave was robbed by thralls of a Lich so that he would experience the pleasure of dancing. Donovan asked Trick to help find his husband and possibly bring him back alive for a proper chance to say goodbye.

After a while, Donovan was becoming impatient and wanted to take matters into his own hands, but Trick stopped him, telling that he understood his pain, but rushing blindly into a situation would not help.

After reuniting with Christoph, he and Donovan embraced. Donovan then said to Trick that they will go to their cottage to spend their last moments together. Trick tells him that Christoph only has three days or even less. Donovan replied that when Christoph died, he begged for five more minutes to be with him and any time would be a blessing.






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