Dr. Bob is the form used by a Rakshasa, a type of Shapeshifter Fae.

Dr. Bob
Dr Bob - Rakshasa (304)
First appearance: Fae-de To Black


Dr. Bob








Causes hallucinations that lead to suicide

Portrayed by:

(Someone's kitty)

Character arc

The Rakshasa appeared as a domesticated cat named "Dr. Bob". It caused patients at a new age clinic to kill themselves in an attempt to live their childhood dreams. He often resided in the office of Dr. Palmer to comfort patients.

304 Rakshasa

Dr. Bob/Rakshasa reveals itself
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When Dyson went undercover at the clinic and entered therapy with Dr. Palmer, the cat was unfriendly towards him, and Palmer commented that it was unusual for Dr. Bob to act unfriendly towards patients.

When Bo figured out that he was the Rakshasa, she and Tamsin confronted it on the roof of the clinic, where Dyson was about to jump off.

He revealed his true form of a giant monster (seen only in the episode by his shadow on the rooftop) and was killed by Tamsin with a Valkyrie weapon.


Dr Palmer Fae-de To Black (304)

Dr. Palmer

The surname of the therapist the cat belongs to – Dr. Palmer – is an in-joke by the writers and producers regarding Zoie Palmer. Zoie Palmer also owns a cat named "Cloverbob" that has its own personal Twitter account: Cloverbob.