Jumbee (403)

Jumbee, an Elemental spirit

The Elemental is a Fae that can commune with one of the four terrestial elements: either Earth, Air, Fire, or Water.

These Elementals can travel between dimensional planes without experiencing transcendental sickness (which kills those who cannot transverse the intersecting planes of existence).

Clio is an Elemental Nymph and a special kind of Elemental because she can commune with all the four elements of nature.

There is also a "fifth" element — the element that exists outside the physical planet — and elemental spirits exist in this etherium.

Terrestial Elementals

Elemental Spirits


  • A nature-spirit. These spirits are the guardians of the four elements, air, earth, fire and water. In some accounts, they are given identities, those of air being nenuphas, silvestres or sylphs; those of earth being gnomes or pygmies; those of fire being Aetneans, Aethnici, Rolamandri, Salamanders or Vulcans; those of water being nymphs or undines. Some say that elementals are the remains of humans. Also commonly called elemental, elementary spirit or elementary spirit.[1]



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