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Emily Andras
Emily Andras at 2012 SDCC
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Showrunner and Executive Producer (Season 3 and 4)
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Emily Andras was the Showrunner and Executive Producer of Lost Girl for Season 3 and Season 4. She was a writer and consulting producer during the first and second seasons. She succeeded Season 2 co-showrunners Jeremy Boxen and Grant Rosenberg; and Season 1 co-showrunners Michelle Lovretta and Peter Mohan. Andras was initially offered the position of showrunner for the second season, but was unable to accept due to pregnancy.

In an interview for The Huffington Post after the announcement by Syfy that it had renewed the show for a third season, Andras described what direction she would like to see Lost Girl go in the future: "Into a world where a bisexual protagonist is non-news. I'm so proud of the comedic ambitions of Lost Girl, that it's dedicated genre [fare] that doesn't take itself too seriously, but I also love exploring the shades of gray; the moral ambiguity of characters who may live forever and their relationships with mortals who will not."[1] In a December 2012 interview with the Writers Guild of Canada, Andras detailed the flow of the Lost Girl showrunner title,[2] followed with a second interview in the guild’s magazine, Canadian Screenwriter.[3] In an interview with SpoilerTV, she addressed the fervor of the show’s fandom.[4] On March 10, 2013, after the Showcase broadcast of Fae-ge Against The Machine, Emily Andras participated in a special live Question & Answer session on  with fans of the show and of "Bo and Lauren." In the Q&A, she also discussed the selection of Zoie Palmer for the role of Dr. Lauren Lewis, the theme of death, and the love triangle between "the wolf" and "the doctor".[5][6][7]

Emily Andras wrote episodes Dead Lucky (1.05) and ArachnoFaebia (1.07) for Season 1; Mirror, Mirror (2.04), Original Skin (2.09), The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire (2.17), and Into the Dark (2.21) for Season 2; Caged Fae (3.01) and Those Who Wander (3.13) for Season 3; In Memoriam (4.01), Groundhog Fae (4.08) [Sam Ruano as co-writer], and Dark Horse (4.13) for Season 4.

She assumed the role of Executive Consulting Producer for Season 5, continuing to be involved in writing scripts and developing the show's story arc.

Other television credits include King, as producer and writer; Instant Star, as executive producer and writer; Degrassi: The Next Generation, as writer.

Emily Andras was nominated for a 2013 Canadian Screen Award for Best Writing in a Dramatic Series, for Lost Girl episode Into the Dark; and nominated for a 2008 Gemini Award for Best Writing in a Children's or Youth Program or Series, for Instant Star episode "Like A Virgin".

Andras has been a panelist at film and television industry events such as Women Making Waves (Women In Film and Television Atlantic), Writers Talking TV (The Writers Guild of Canada), RTA Leadership Panel (Ryerson University).

Emily Andras is an alumni of the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

For the production history of Lost Girl, visit:  Development and Production.

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Inside Lost Girl - An Interview with Consulting Producer and Writer Emily Andras(05:23)
Emily Andras, Showrunner and Executive Producer
Lost Girl Producers Emily Andras & Vanessa Piazza at SDCC 2013(08:49)
Emily Andras & Vanessa Piazza
San Diego Comic-Con 2013
Lost Girl Producer Vanessa Piazza and Showrunner Emily Andras Talk Season 4(09:12)
Vanessa Piazza and Emily Andras
San Diego Comic-Con 2013


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