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A Frost Giant or "Hrimthurs" is a Fae whose extremely cold touch can stop a person's heart.

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Character arcEdit

Bo tried to use her succubus powers on Jesper, a Frost Giant, and failed.

The giant commented that had she tried to do so 20 years later, he would have been unable to resist her.


  • Seeing as to how Bo's seductive powers work potently on most Fae, but did not on Jesper, it can be interpreted that Frost Giants are quite powerful with strong resistance.
  • In Norse mythology, a hrímthurs (Old Norse "rime thurs") is any one of the particular tribe of Giants who are made of ice and inhabit Niflheim, a land of eternal cold. They have a key role in the assault on Asgard which becomes Ragnarök[1]



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