210 Gama-Sennin

Tyler, a Gama-Sennin, showing his Fae appearance
(Click for animation)

A Gama-Sennin is a Light Fae toad species.

Character arc

Tyler is a Gama-Sennin and used his secretions to keep his adoptive human father, Mike, from getting beaten in Bare Knuckle Cage Fighting. He is unaware of the full extent of his true nature and, unfortunately, Mike's body is not designed to handle the constant infusions of such Fae power, as his son's efforts were verging on causing his death.


  • Gama is a benign sage with a lot of magical knowledge about pills and drugs. He is always accompanied by a toad and he can assume the shape of a toad. He could also change his skin and become young again.[1]
  • Sennin is a common Japanese word that is based upon the "Toad Immortal" myth of the Chinese Liu Hai, a fabled 10th-century alchemist who learned the secret of immortality from the Chan Chu.[2]



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