Ghanian Diversity Fae (402)-1

The Ghanian Diversity Fae is a Fae species of which nothing is known about (yet).

Character arc

The Ghanian Diversity Fae was a truck driver who ordered a meal of liver and onions from Lauren at the diner where she worked under the name of "Amber", while hiding from the Fae. He made a sexist remark about her posterior as she walked away from his booth after serving him.

He started to choke while eating and Lauren tried to dislodge the object from his airway with the Heimlich maneuver but it did not work and he was asphyxiating. She performed a tracheotomy and as she was about to open the incision on his neck a wide open jaw-like form with sharp teeth began to emerge from it. She recognized him as a Ghanian Diversity Fae species and he confirmed it while struggling to breathe.

Ghanian Diversity Fae (402)-2

She reached inside the incision and pulled out a large cockroach-like bug that chirped when she held it between her fingers. The Ghanian Diversity Fae thanked her as he was breathing easily again.

It is not known how the bug came to be lodged in his throat, the powers of his species, nor what happened after this incident and how he recovered from it.


The Ghana (Wagadu) Empire (before c. 830 until c. 1235) was located in what is now southeastern Mauritania and western Mali. Complex societies had existed in the region since about 1500 BC, and around Ghana's core region since about 300 AD. The domestication of the camel, which preceded Muslims and Islam by several centuries, brought about a gradual change in trade, and, for the first time, the extensive gold, ivory trade, and salt resources of the region could be sent north and east to population centers in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe in exchange for manufactured goods. The first written mention of the kingdom comes from Arabic language sources some time after the conquest of North Africa by Muslims, when geographers began compiling comprehensive accounts of the world known to Islam around 800.[1] (The Ghana Empire was northwest of the modern country of Ghana and is not to be confused with it.)



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