Lich (208)

Salvatore Antonio as The Lich

"Guest Actors" play the role of a special, important character in an episode, usually appearing only once in the series — for example:  Lauren Holly in Midnight Lamp and Salvatore Antonio in Death Didn't Become Him.

Some Lost Girl guest actors perform the role of a  Recurring Character  in a few episodes of one season — for example: Shawn Doyle in four episodes of Season 3 and Ali Liebert in three episodes of Season 4.

Guest actors are separate from regular Supporting Cast, and are not Bit actors and Extras.

"With Guest Star" and "Special Guest Star"

In Season 3, the appearance by Linda Hamilton in the role of Acacia was announced in a press release as a "special guest star."[1] In the opening credits of Delinquents she was billed "With Guest Star" before her name. She repeated the role in the Season 4 episode End of a Line, and was billed "Special Guest Star" before her name.

Infrequent actors credited a "With Guest Star" and "Special Guest Star" are also included under the  Guest Actors  category.


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