Trick casts Gyallahaal vote (202)

Trick casts his vote

The Gyallahaal is the first phase of competition in the Light Fae Stag Hunt to select a new Ash.

The Gyallahaal is a gala in which The Stag is revered, but in reality serves as the primaries to choose the candidates for the position of new Ash. It is a test of political skill and cunning during which candidates curry favor with voters while at the same time working to sabotage their competition and receive support from Noble families to enter the hunt. Anything short of murder is allowed.

Gias vessels - Gyallahaal (202)

Vessels for gias

The voters use stones called Gias to cast their votes. The stones are deposited in vases that represent the candidates. The candidates who receive the most votes are deemed contenders and they compete in the Stag Hunt with a bow and poisoned arrow as their hunting weapon.


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