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Hale Santiago ( William Haley François Santiago) was a Light Fae Siren.

Hale infobox S2
First appearance: It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World




Hale Santiago (Full name)
Baronet William Haley François Santiago (Noble name)
The Ash (Acting, Season 3)






Light Fae
Clan Zamora
39th Division Homicide Squad

Known Relatives:

Sturgis Santiago (Father)
Mrs. Santiago (Mother, deceased)
Val Santiago (Sister)
Mitch (Cousin)


Homicide Detective


  • Whistle-induced manipulation
  • Incapacitation through high-decibel whistling
  • Sealing wounds with sonic whistling
  • Kill by turning whistle into sonic weapon
  • Longevity

Portrayed by:

K.C. Collins

Character arc

In the first two seasons of the series, Hale worked out of the 39th Division of the human police force as Dyson's partner in the homicide department.

He is a noble blood Baronet of Clan Zamora. Although Hale is of a high social status from a family that has significant importance among the Light Fae, he has generally ignored his social and political connections as he prefers to explore a life of his own rather than the traditional roles expected of his family.

411 Hale siren power

Hale uses sonic power
4.11 "End Of A Line"
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He wanted the Fae to live with humans as equals. This attitude was not shared by his father Sturgis Santiago or his sister Val Santiago, both of whom are Pomberos. His family strongly believed that humans are inferior to Fae (which created tension when Hale presented Kenzi to them as his "girlfriend" in The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire). Hale's mother, currently unnamed, is deceased. It was revealed that she, like Hale, was also a Siren.

According to Lachlan, Hale had "a centuries old obligation to serve The Ash." After Lachlan's death, he was serving as the Acting Ash, but his official ascendance to the permanent position was thwarted by The Morrigan.

Hale dies (411)

4.11 "End Of A Line"

He became good friends with Kenzi, as they both saw themselves as "sidekicks" (he of Dyson, and she of Bo). They also shared a similar carefree attitude. He had romantic feelings for her and finally kissed Kenzi in Hail, Hale.

In End Of A Line, Hale turned his siren whistle into a sonic weapon and killed Massimo with it after the latter beat up and tried to kill Kenzi; however, Massimo had the Twig of Zamora in his possession and it resurrected him. Massimo then stabbed Hale through the back with a sword and killed Hale.


Hale's sexual nature is heterosexual.

He is cheerful, carefree, and laid-back. He is generally only tense and serious with matters that involve his family, particularly his sister, Val. Tension in the family resulted from the fact that Hale believed in human-Fae equality.

Hale's family appeared to have important political connections in the Fae world. However, Hale preferred not to make use of these connections, failing to fulfill the role expected of him. Hale struggled to find the middle ground between his carefree, casual attitude and the lifestyle that was expected of him, especially when he became the Acting Ash in Season 3.

Acting as the Ash enabled Hale to develop into a more serious, stern man. Unlike previous Ash leaders, Hale showed a strong respect for rules and refused to overlook the Dark's illegal activities. After learning that The Morrigan had threatened the peace between the Light and Dark clans, he confronted her and warned her not to threaten the peace again.

As a Siren (similar to the song of the mythological creature) he is able to attract and control people by just humming or whistling. (This was shown when he led Olivia, a Fury, out of the house in Faetal Attraction.) He can whistle at several frequencies that can have different effects. His whistle was shown to hypnotize, break glass, put people to sleep, cure Kenzi's hangover, cauterize a wound — and kill (Massimo).


  • Dyson: Best friend and former detective partner in the 39th Division. Hale always had a strong friendship with Dyson throughout the series and they always had each other's back through tough situations. Hale even supported Dyson in his relationship with Bo by getting Kenzi's help.
Hale proposes Kenzi (411)

Hale proposes to Kenzi
4.11 "End Of A Line"

  • Kenzi: Human girlfriend. Throughout the first two seasons they formed a strong friendship due to Hale being the sidekick of Dyson, while Kenzi was the sidekick of Bo. They always supported one another. In the third season their relationship entered a level of caring that revealed they loved each other. In the fourth season they became lovers and he proposed to Kenzi in End Of A Line. When Hale died protecting Kenzi, it broke her heart. Soon after, Kenzi gave up her life to save Bo from death, and before walking through the portal to Hel told Dyson that she might see Hale again in the afterlife. (Dark Horse).
  • Mitch: Cousin. Little is known about him; however, he is an heir to the Zamora Clan (Truth and Consequences).


  • "I know you just broke up with your girlfriend and you need space, but that is not my problem. Bo is not your boss. I am. You're pledged to the Ash, Doctor Lewis." – to Lauren (Adventures in Fae-bysitting)
  • "From the moment we met and I saw who you are through those ridiculously beautiful blue eyes, I knew you were the one. Nobody makes me laugh like you do. Nobody makes me want to be a better man. No one does the exact opposite of everything that I say like you do." – to Kenzi (End Of A Line)


  • Hale is a Baronet, but the title is only a semi-noble rank in the only nation that uses that title, the United Kingdom. It is just above knight and they are addressed as "Sir". It is, however, relatively common among the older bloodlines as a title for an heir to a much higher hereditary rank. Technically speaking, it is not a position in the peerage.


Showcase character description

Prologue Hale

Lost Girl: Prologue

Hale (K.C. Collins)

In the human world, Hale is a detective, Dyson’s partner on the force. In the Fae world, he's a charming male “Siren” - capable of swaying others with his beautiful voice; formerly an eternal bachelor from the noble Fae clan of Zamora and the ultimate wingman. Hale served as the Ash in season 3. A talented cop and loyal friend, Hale's greatest strengths are backing the people closest to him, protecting them from harm and supporting them in tough situations.

Syfy character description

Hale | K.C. Collins

In the Fae world, Hale is a handsome male "Siren" - capable of swaying (or harming) others with his beautiful voice. He's the eternal bachelor and the ultimate wingman, never afraid to flirt with the ugly girl at the bar so you can go home with her hot friend. All Zen and charming, Hale's greatest strength is understanding politics - when he was Dyson's partner on the force he did his best to protect impatient Dyson from getting himself in trouble with their human or Fae bosses. It's an impossible task, at times...especially when someone as volatile and unpredictable as Bo (and her sidekick, Kenzi) are involved. That gift of politics translated into Hale's big career move....from cop to the Ash, head of the Light Fae clan.



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