Hand Of Glory (207)-1

The Hand of Glory is an artifact that enables someone to steal anything from anywhere and anyone.

The Hand of Glory is a candle that serves as a talisman for thieves. Whoever lights it can break through any obstacle (such as a safe) for as long as the candle stays lit. The only way to extinguish it is with milk.

A group of young Selkies made a Hand of Glory using kidnapped murderer and cop-killer Zephyr to regain their pelts and break free from their enslavement to Kobe Ah Ket, a Dark Fae Bunyip.

How it's made and works

To create a Hand of Glory, the hand of a murderer who's been recently hanged by the neck until dead is severed. The hand is marinated in a mixture of rare herbs and essential oils that serves as a base for the candle created from the murderer's rendered fat, and his hair is used as the wick.

The Hand of Glory retains the deviant qualities of the person it belonged to.

  • The Hand of Glory is created and wick lit
  • The Hand begins to work
  • User is attacked by the Hand
  • Milk poured on Hand of Glory extinguishes flame and destroys it


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