Healing Mask (212)

The Healing Mask heals the wearer from illness and near-death.

The Goddess Ama possessed a sacred "Healing Mask" and gave it to Tshombe, a revered Dark Fae Shaman in Mali.

When Lachlan commissioned Bo, in secret, to find the shaman and remove the curse he had hexed Nadia with, she traveled to the shaman's village accompanied by Dyson to retrieve the cursing nail that was used to create the curse. However, the shaman was dying and the mask had been stolen from him by a Preta.

The shaman bargained the removal of the cursing nail with the return of the mask. Bo reclaimed the mask from the Petra and gave it to Tshombe, who was healed and regained his vigor when he put the mask on his face. He then gave Bo the tool to remove Nadia's cursing nail from the collection of other nails he had hammered into a wooden post.


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