Clay Jonas - Heraclid (506)

Clay Jonas, a Heraclid

A Heraclid is a human descendant of Hercules.

Character arc

Heraclids have exceptional genes. They are strong, fast, and incredibly resilient.

With Hercules as the progenitor, a Heraclid is a scion of Ancient Fae family.

Clay Jonas is a Heraclid. As a football quarterback he sustained serious injuries, yet quickly recovered and bounced back as if nothing had happened to him.


In Greek mythology, the Heracleidae or Heraclids were the numerous descendants of Heracles (Hercules). Heracles, whom Zeus had originally intended to be ruler of Argos, Lacedaemon and Messenian Pylos, had been supplanted by the cunning of Hera, and his intended possessions had fallen into the hands of Eurystheus, king of Mycenae. After the death of Heracles, his children, after many wanderings, found refuge from Eurystheus at Athens. Eurystheus, on his demand for their surrender being refused, attacked Athens, but was defeated and slain. At Sparta, the Heraclids formed two dynasties ruling jointly: the Agiads and the Eurypontids. At Corinth the Heraclids ruled as the Bacchiadae dynasty before the aristocratic revolution, which brought a Bacchiad aristocracy into power. The Heracleidae are the main subject of Euripides' play, Heracleidae.[1]



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