Here Comes the Night
Season 5, Episode 7
LG-(507) Here Comes the Night
Air date January 18, 2015
Written by Michael Grassi
Directed by Paolo Barzman
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Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts
End of Faes

Here Comes the Night is the seventh episode of Season 5.



Bo and the gang deal with the aftermath of a storm.



Ancient Fae Family storm destruction (507)
Triskele of storm (507)
Oracle Mark (507)
Evony (The Morrigan) - once Fae, always Fae (507)
Bo & Lauren - blackout love (507)-5
Sam killed by Eros (507)
Heratio (Hera) releases gadflies (507)
Dyson attacked by Hera gadflies (507)
Alicia stabs Heratio (Hera) (507)
Dyson and Alicia (507)
Oracle Bo (507)
Bo and Lauren confront Evony (The Morrigan) (507)
Evony (The Morrigan) confronts Eros (507)
Evony (The Morrigan) and Eros (507)
Oracle Isabeau (507)
Oracles enticing Trick (507)
Oracles (Pythia-Cassie-Dedona) (507)
Oracle Dyson (507)
Oracle Lauren (507)
Zee (Zeus) (507)
Bo - Tamsin heartbreak (507)
Artemis Moon Candle relights (507)

Songs and Music

  • Lullabies  by Yuna
  • On The Shore  by Slow Skies
  • Tell It Like It Is  by Aaron Neville


LAUREN: For some of us life is shorter.
BO: Then let's make it count.
BO: I want to give this a real shot. Be together. Life is too short.
BO: Lauren, you need to go. I'll take care of this.
LAUREN: I'm not leaving you alone.
LAUREN: We'll find a place to stay until you get back.
BO: No! I'm not leaving you.

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