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Anna Silk
Anna Silk
Date of Birth
31 January 1974
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
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There are  12  steps for creating an Actor page.

Cast  (Actor)  page

( For examples see  Lina Roessler  and  Anthony Lemke  Actor pages )


Add the Cast  INFOBOX  template at the top:

Enter information for fields in the template
( Link  only  the character name in the Role field to its page in the Lost Girl Wiki )
♦  Special roles ( usually one-time ) by  Main Cast  or  Supporting Cast  actors are  not  included in the Infobox. They appear as a special mention following the seasons or episodes listed in the  \\Career//  section of  "Step 4".

Write an Introductory paragraph about the Actor.


Add section:

== Biography ==

Add section:

== Career ==


Name  played the role of  [[ character name ]]  in the following episodes of Lost Girl:
*  episode number  [[ episode title ]]
♦  extra  Step 4:
If a Main Cast or Supporting Cast actor has played more than one role in the series add  ( example:  Anna Silk  page ):
She ( or He ) played a special role in the following episodes:
*  2.09  [[Original Skin]] – as [[Woods]]
*  2.13  [[Barometz. Trick. Pressure]] – as [[Teague]]
*  4.07  [[La Fae Époque]] – as [[Dyson]]
[  You can see all Lost Girl episodes an actor has appeared in on her/his character page or IMDb page  ]
*  =  asterisk

Add section:

== Links ==
( This section is for actor's Twitter account and personal Facebook page )

Add section:

== Official Fan Site ==
( This section is for the "Official" fan site of the actor )

Add section:

== Gallery ==
♦  This photo section is used  ONLY  with main and supporting ( i.e. recurring ) actors

Add section:

== Videos ==
♦  This section is used  ONLY  with main and supporting ( i.e. recurring ) actors

Add section:

== Articles and Interviews ==
♦  This section is used  ONLY  with main and supporting ( i.e. recurring ) actors
STEP  10

Add section:

== References ==
( This section is where the source of a reference in the text appears )

Add under section:

( To cite the source of the reference within the text include  <ref>info source</ref>  at the end of the information provided )
STEP  11

Add the  Categories  under which this actor page can be found:

•  If the actor plays a recurring role add  Category:Supporting Cast
( the Supporting category is determined after several episodes of the season )
  •  Add the category of the  Season(s)  the actor appears in
  • Link the  [[ name ]]  of the actor wherever it appears in the  \\ Supporting – Guest – Bit Actors //  section of the article for the  Season.
  • Link the  [[ name ]]  of the actor in the list of actors for the  Season  in the  Index of Actors  page.


The only info linked within the  Infobox  is the name of the character played by the actor.  All pertinent information about the actor should be included and linked within the narrative text.


>  Cast Template

== Biography ==
== Career ==
== Links ==
== Official Fan Site ==
== References ==

  • If the actor is a supporting ( recurring ) actor include:
== Gallery ==
== Videos==
== Articles and Interviews ==
before the  == References ==  section

>  Categories

[ Return to  New Pages  category page ]

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