A Huldra has been mentioned but not seen in an episode.

Character arc

The Huldra can melt portions of people's brain to control her enemies. Ryan Lambert's amnesia was caused by a huldra named Sonja who became jealous and went ballistic when he responded to an emergency "service call" from Bo.


A huldra is a seductive forest creature found in Scandinavian folklore. In Norwegian folklore, she is known as the Hulder. She is known as the skogsrå (forest spirit) or Tallemaja (pine tree Mary) in Swedish folklore, and Ulda in Sámi folklore. The huldra is a shapeshifter. The huldrer (Norwegian) were held to be kind to charcoal burners, watching their charcoal kilns while they rested. Knowing that she would wake them if there were any problems, they were able to sleep, and in exchange they left provisions for her in a special place. Males, called Huldrekarl, also appear in Norwegian folklore. This being is closely related to other underground dwellers, usually called tusser. Like the female counterpart, the huldrkarl is a shapeshifter who often lures girls under a fair countenance.[1]



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