It's Your Lucky Fae
Season 5, Episode 5
LG-(505) It's Your Lucky Fae
Air date January 4, 2015
Written by Ley Lukins
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Episode guide
When God Opens a Window
Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

It's Your Lucky Fae is the fifth episode of Season 5.


  • Ley Lukins


When an oracle goes missing, Bo poses undercover on a Fae dating website to lure the suspect.



Oracle - Cassie (505)
Aitvaras - luck cat (505)


Kitty Kat (505)

Kitty Kat

Tamsin-Lauren-Trick - Bo transforming (505)
Iris creates storm (505)
Bo (505)
Oracles (505)
Bo cat (505)-2
Seymour-Soul Eater snorts Aitvaras (505)
Lauren - Dyson - Cassie (505)
Tamsin - birthday gift (505)
Bo Dennis - Fae ledger (505)
Oracle eyes (505)

Songs and Music

  • Beautiful Sunrise  courtesy APM Music
  • Close  by Slow Skies
  • Ghillies  courtesy APM Music
  • Happy Folks  courtesy APM Music
  • I Can See A Train A Comin  courtesy APM Music
  • Metal Man  courtesy APM Music
  • Spin (underscore)  courtesy APM Music
  • Song For Mpho  courtesy APM Music


A theory as to the origin of the jack-in-the-box is that it comes from the 14th century English prelate Sir John Schorne, who is often pictured holding a boot with a devil in it. According to folklore, he once cast the devil into a boot to protect the village of North Marston in Buckinghamshire. In French, a jack-in-the-box is called a "diable en boîte" (literally "boxed devil").


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