Jack in the box (509)

The Jack in the box is a music box that contains evil.

Adamantine, the ore of ancient Fae, is the only material that can contain such evil. Hades had it delivered to Bo as a birthday present. Zee sent Oracles to extract truth from Bo about her father and found out through them that Bo had the box in her possession without knowing what it was.

Jack in the box (Book of Fae) (508)

Bo stopped Zee from taking it from her and a frightened Zee then warned Bo that if she opened the box her father would walk the Earth again.

Believing that it took evil to fight evil, Bo opened the Jack in the box and as its lid lifted it emitted a powerful bright light that jolted Bo and released Hades from the underworld.

The box was then used to capture and trap Iris/Nyx (44 Minutes to Save the World).


Jack in the box (Lost Girl Season 2 Showcase promo)

Box in Showcase Season 2 promo

  • The scene at the end of End of Faes, when the Jack in the box releases a bright light that shocks Bo and makes her gasp, is identical to the box opens scene at the end of the Showcase promo for Season 2 of Lost Girl.
Season 2 Showcase Promo00:33

Season 2 Showcase Promo

  • In End of Faes, Bo turns the handle of the box clockwise to open it. In the Lauren dream sequence in Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts, Lauren is holding the box in reverse position (handle on left) and is turning the handle counterclockwise. When Hades lift open the lid of the box in 44 Minutes to Save the World and Bo then trapped Iris/Nyx inside it, she turned the handle counterclockwise.
  • Adamantine has, throughout ancient history, referred to anything that was made of a very hard material. Virgil describes Tartarus as having a screeching gate protected by columns of solid adamantine (Aeneid book VI). In Greek Mythology, Kronos castrated his father Uranus using an adamant sickle given to him by his mother Gaia. An adamantine sickle or sword was also used by the hero Perseus to decapitate the Gorgon Medusa while she slept. In some versions of the Alexander Romance, Alexander the Great builds walls of Adamantine, the Gates of Alexander, to keep the giants Gog and Magog from pillaging the peaceful southern lands. Later, by the Middle Ages, the term came to refer to diamond, as it was the hardest material then known, and remains the hardest non-synthetic material known.[1]
  • In Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus (525-456 B.C.), lines 4-7, Hephaestus binds Prometheus to jagged rocks with adamantine chains.[2]



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