The King of Ailech is the leader of the Laignach Faelad pack of wolves and mercenary warriors that Dyson served under.

Character arc

Wanting to claim Ciara for himself, the King ordered Stefan, her husband, to deliver a battle plan that would secure Northern and Western territories knowing that sending him alone across enemy lines would lead to his death. Stefan was killed in an ambush and the King came for Ciara and made her his Queen the next day.

Through the passage of centuries he became very wealthy providing weapons of war. In the 1860s the King and his pack ran with the Fenians, then started selling surplus weapons from World War I. In the 1990s he started a mercenary company called "Majesty". When the King died and Ciara became his widow, Cayden took Ciara captive and held her against her will (she was saved from his subjection by Bo and Dyson). Ciara, who had practically run the King's security company, inherited his wealth and ownership of his enterprise.

The King of Ailech was not seen in the episode and what he looks like remains unknown.


Fenian was an umbrella term for the Fenian Brotherhood and Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), fraternal organizations dedicated to the establishment of an independent Irish Republic in the 19th and early 20th century. The term Fenian is still used today, especially in Northern Ireland and Scotland, where its original meaning has widened to include all supporters of Irish nationalism. In Canada, Fenian is used to designate a group of Irish radicals, a.k.a. the American branch of the Fenian Brotherhood in the 1860s. They made several attempts (1866, 1870, etc.) to invade some parts of Province of Canada (Southern Ontario and Missisquoi County) which were a British dominion at the time. The ultimate goal of the Fenian raids was to hold Canada hostage and therefore be in a position to blackmail the United Kingdom to give Ireland its independence. Because of the invasion attempts, support and/or collaboration for the Fenians in Canada became very rare even among the Irish.[1]



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