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La Shoshain (Fae day)

La Shoshain is the holiest day for the Fae, occurring once per year.

La Shoshain commemorates the sacrifice made by The Blood King to end The Great War. It is a day of peace and neutrality when Fae are not allowed to use their powers, feed on humans, or commit Fae-on-Fae violence.

It is the only day when the rules that keep Light Fae and Dark Fae separated are relaxed and both clans can socialize together. Trick considers it a sacred spiritual day, but ruefully admits that many Fae simply drink, eat and "fornicate."


La Shoshain likely means "Peace Day" – deriving from the Irish Gaelic word "Lá" which means "Day," and "Síochána" which means "Peace."[1]



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