Laignach Faelad wolf pack (205)

The Laignach Faelad is a pack of mercenary Light Fae Wolf-Shifters.

Character arc

The Laignach Faelad were feared and existed for hundreds of years. The pack was led by the King of Ailech, to whom Dyson, Stefan, Cayden and Ciara were bound to as members of the pack. Ciara was not a shapeshifter but she was married to Stefan and as a Scuffock warrior trained pack members in fighting skills.

The Laignach Faelad ran with the Fenians in the 1860s. The King later became involved in selling surplus weapons from Wold War I and in the 1990s he started a successful mercenary company called "Majesty", which employed members of the Laignach Faelad and was worth billions at the time of his death.


  • The word "Faelad" (no association with the word "Fae") is derived from the Gaelic fáel, meaning "wolf". Fáolad is the Gaelic word for lycanthropy.[1]
  • In Irish folklore, the vicious warriors of Laignach Faelad were said to be half-man, half-wolf. Mentioned in the Cóir Anmann (a Medieval Irish text on the origin of personal names and epithets), they were followers of the cruel and bloodthirsty god Crom Cruach. Brutal in battle, they would fight for any king willing to pay their price. The price for their services was the flesh of newborns, which they devoured raw.[2]
  • Fenian was an umbrella term for the Fenian Brotherhood and Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), fraternal organizations dedicated to the establishment of an independent Irish Republic in the 19th and early 20th century. In Canada, Fenian is used to designate a group of Irish radicals, a.k.a. the American branch of the Fenian Brotherhood in the 1860s. They made several attempts (1866, 1870, etc.) to invade some parts of Province of Canada (Southern Ontario and Missisquoi County) which were a British dominion at the time. The ultimate goal of the Fenian raids was to hold Canada hostage and therefore be in a position to blackmail the United Kingdom to give Ireland its independence. Because of the invasion attempts, support and/or collaboration for the Fenians in Canada became very rare even among the Irish.[3]



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