A Lakin Chan is a humble Fae species.

Character arc

During The Una Mens inquisition of Trick, The Keeper asked him how it was that a "humble" Lakin Chan had gained prominence and influence with the Light and Dark Fae after opening a bar, The Dal Riata, in the new colonies.

An actual Lakin Chan has not been seen in episodes.


  • The Una Mens were not aware that Trick was The Blood King that had betrayed them after creating the council and relinquishing his power.
  • Itzamna. Sun-god of the Maya, god of day and night, learning and writing. Son of Hunab and Ixazaluch. Husband of Ix Chel. Father of the Bacabs. He is credited with the invention of books and is depicted as a benevolent old man with no teeth or as a huge serpent. moon-god or is equated with Ah Kin, Hunab or Kukulcan. In some references, referred to as…Lakin Chan….[1]



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