Jolene-Lares (310)

Jolene, a Lares (and Tikbalang)

A Lares is a Fae species that is attached to the grounds of a land zone.

Character arc

When Tamsin visited Lauren unannounced and saw her searching for information on the creature that was killing juvenile delinquents at the camp, she identified the evidence as belonging to a Tikbalang.

Bo and Dyson discovered that Jolene, the head counselor at the camp, was the Tikbalang. She was also a Lares.


  • Lares were guardian deities in ancient Roman religion. Their origin is uncertain; they may have been hero-ancestors, guardians of the hearth, fields, boundaries or fruitfulness, or an amalgam of these. Lares were believed to observe, protect and influence all that happened within the boundaries of their location or function. Some Lares had much broader domains. Roadways, seaways, agriculture, livestock, towns, cities, the state and its military were all under the protection of their particular Lar or Lares.[1]



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