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Liderc (The Warden) (301)

Liderc disguised as The Warden

A Liderc is a trickster Fae.

Character arcEdit

A Liderc is an impostor that assumes the appearance and persona of another sex or person to trick others with.

The Warden of Hecuba Prison was a male liderc who disguised himself as a female so that he would be accepted by the Amazon guards as a member of their tribe. He was the male child of an Amazon that rejected him as a baby because of his sex.

His true intent for being within the Fae prison for female convicts was to impregnate released ex-prisoners without detection. The oblivious pregnant female found herself held in captivity within the prison, delivering his baby mere days after being impregnated. He created the newborn Fae infants to sell them for a hefty profit.


A Liderc is a supernatural being of Hungarian folklore. It has three known varieties, which often borrow traits from one another. The first, more traditional form of the Lidérc is as a miracle chicken which hatches from the first egg of a black hen kept warm under the arm of a human. The second variety of the Lidérc is as a tiny being, a temporal devil. It has many overlapping qualities with the miracle chicken form, and it may also be obtained from a black hen's egg, but more often it is found accidentally in rags, boxes, glass bottles, or in the pockets of old clothes. The third variety is as a Satanic lover, quite similar to an incubus or succubus. This form of the Lidérc flies at night, appearing as a fiery light, a will o' the wisp, or even as a bird of fire.[1]



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