Like Hell Pt.2
Season 5, Episode 2
LG-(502) Like Hell Pt2
Air date December 14, 2014
Written by Emily Andras
Directed by Paolo Barzman
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Like Hell Pt.1
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Like Hell Pt.2 is the second episode of Season 5.



Bo needs the help of an estranged family member. Lauren's haunted by a mysterious spirit.



Bo's bit by a goblin. Kenzi shoots a ghost.

Tartarus maze (502)
Goblin (502)
Dyson and Lauren save Kenzi (502)
Bo and Persephone (502)
Aife cell drawing (502)
Bo - realms transport (502)
Kenzi and Lauren conjure spirits (502)-1
Tamsin valkyrie doubt-off (502)
Dyson and Kenzi (502)
Edimmu (502)
Bo and Kenzi - goodbye (502)
Bo light Artemis Moon Candle (502)
Artemis Moon Candle lit (502)

Songs and Music

  • Cold Sweat  by Band Of Skulls
  • Dance To The Bassline  courtesy APM Music
  • Never Going Back  by Carmanah


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