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Lost Girl: The Game is an interactive mobile game app for iOS and Android devices, released by Prodigy Pictures and Shaw Media (Showcase channel's parent company) on April 14, 2013, after the conclusion of Season 3 in Canada. It was released in the United States by Syfy on April 22, 2013.

Featuring an original storyline written by the series’ writers, Lost Girl: The Game invites fans to create a customized Fae character that they can use to venture through exciting new mysteries set in the virtual world of Lost Girl. Users can get a taste of the world of the Fae by creating their own avatars, embarking on missions and uncovering hidden objects, in order to score points and unlock levels.    

Lost Girl: The Game was developed by Complex Games.


Something is not right in the City: While the Light and Dark Fae continue to focus on their bitter rivalry, an ancient power is stirring, a great evil that will stop at nothing to step foot again and wreak havoc on the earth, and only you can help stop it!

Lost Girl: The Game is a completely free mystery-style hidden object game based on the hit TV series Lost Girl. Making your way to the famed Dal Riata, a neutral ground and waystation for the supernatural creatures known as the Fae, you are drawn into a tale of intrigue and power.

In Lost Girl, you can create your own supernatural Fae and step into a world where myths and legendary creatures live in secret alongside humans. Meet characters from the TV series as well as other players online, and work with them to overcome an unspeakable evil that threatens all of existence!

Lost Girl is a never-ending game, additional Assignments, Story, Locations, and Characters are being added on a regular basis, so you will always have something new to look forward too.


- A compelling and evolving storyline that follows the timeline of the latest season of the TV Series.
- Explore the City and many beautiful locations contained within.
- Find many captivating objects and overcome challenging puzzles.
- Meet with Characters from the popular TV Series.
- Create & Outfit your own Fae Character.
- Connect with other Players online and chat with them in the Dal Riata Bar.
- Send Gifts to your Friends and recruit them for help when you need.
- Completely FREE!

Press Release

Launching on the Season 3 finale, Lost Girl: The Game is Showcase’s all-new mobile app that connects Lost Girl fans worldwide by delivering a fully interactive social gaming experience. Featuring an original storyline, written by the show's writing staff, the game invites fans to create a customized Fae character that they can use to navigate through thrilling mysteries set in the virtual world of Lost Girl. Just like Bo and her street savvy sidekick Kenzi, users can tag team with each other or with their favourite Lost Girl characters to solve puzzles and brain benders to score points and unlock levels. Launching April 14, the free mobile gaming app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.[1]


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