Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic
LG Motion Comic (Chapters)
Issue Information
Issue Special
Publisher Bedlam Games
Written by Navid Khavari
Artwork by Tigh Walker
Coloring by Jessie Lam
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The Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic was a special introductory prequel to Lost Girl depicting events before the premiere of the series on Showcase. Released as six individual chapters, the comics introduced some of the main characters: Bo, Dyson, Trick, and Hale. Each story consisted of several choice points for the viewer to select where Bo's actions could be directed.

Lost Girl-Showcase lostgirlseries 2010 - Interactive Motion Comic page

The Webcomic was featured on the Showcase channel's Lost Girl website at the debut of the show and all six chapters were made available for download from it.

Canwest Press Release

August 31, 2010 joins forces with Bedlam Games and Prodigy Pictures to develop the ultimate fan site for the upcoming supernatural series Lost Girl. In addition to exclusive video content, downloads, episode guide, games and fan forums, the website is anchored by the dynamic Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic. A first for, the premiere installment of the Lost Girl Interactive Motion Comic launched this week at

Featuring gripping storylines and impressive animation, Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic is a perfect complement to the television series, extending the Lost Girl world into the digital universe. The site puts the fan in the director’s chair, allowing them to choose their own adventure. The six installments of the comic are a prequel to the series. Users are introduced to the heroine of Lost Girl, a succubus named Bo, and, in the first installment, are taken through a day-in-her-life where the fan gets to decide the outcomes of Bo’s dark impulses, among other situations featuring secondary characters. With six installments at roughly four minutes in length, this is the first online interactive motion comic created for a Showcase series.

The website acts to broaden the scope of the Lost Girl underworld, giving users an all-access pass to additional narrative and behind-the-scenes content. In addition to the interactive motion comic, Lost Girl cast biographies and character back-stories are available, and full episodes of the series will be available after broadcast. The site is also home to the online Lost Girl fan community where viewers can discuss favourite moments from the show.

The website was developed to complement the hotly anticipated debut of Lost Girl, produced by Prodigy Pictures. The television series premieres Sunday, September 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on Showcase.[1]

Showcase ( description

Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic
November 12, 2010. Showcase (CW Media)

Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic tells the story of Bo before she knew who and what she was. Join her as she lives a secret life in the shadows of the city, trying to survive and unable to control the dangerous urge that controls her life. Then follow Detectives Dyson and Hale as they investigate a strange, grisly murder—and an even stranger set of suspects.

But as the name suggests, this story is interactive. As it plays out, you will be given choices: parts of the scene will "glow" when you run your cursor over them, showing you opportunities for you to interact with the scene and its characters, and discover parts of the story that would otherwise remain hidden. Look through Detective Dyson's cluttered desk for clues or go head to head with an MMA fighter.

Articles – Press Releases

Lost Girl-Interactive Motion Comic (graphic)

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Trans-media production: three heads are better than one
December 13, 2010. Playback

Fan Expo 2010 – Bedlam Ink
October 1, 2010. RGB Filter

Canwest Broadcasting's Showcase Launches "Interactive Motion Comic" for New Series, "Lost Girl"
September 1, 2010. (itvt) InteractiveTV Today

Discover LOST GIRL: The Interactive Motion Comic
September 1, 2010. Showcase|Facebook (showcasedotca)

Lost Girl website includes interactive comic (from Media Release)
August 31, 2010. TV, eh?


Lost Girl Comics - Interview (Fan Expo 2010)08:32

Lost Girl Comics - Interview (Fan Expo 2010)

Bedlam Ink
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Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic – on Video

LG Motion Comic Chapter 1 - Feed05:49

LG Motion Comic Chapter 1 - Feed

Bo struggles for survival and to discover her place in the world, while a mysterious force tracks her trail.

LG Motion Comic Chapter 2 - Leftovers05:07

LG Motion Comic Chapter 2 - Leftovers

Detectives Dyson and Hale investigate the remains of a grisly murder and an even stranger set of suspects.

LG Motion Comic Chapter 3 - Futakuchi-onna05:07

LG Motion Comic Chapter 3 - Futakuchi-onna

Bo reminisces on her first discovery of her ability, and chooses how to use it.

LG Motion Comic Chapter 4 - Dead Leads08:08

LG Motion Comic Chapter 4 - Dead Leads

Dyson and Hale continue their investigation, putting themselves in jeopardy.

LG Motion Comic Chapter 5 - Inhuman06:08

LG Motion Comic Chapter 5 - Inhuman

Bo encounters an old foe under dangerous circumstances and is forced to make a difficult decision.

LG Motion Comic Chapter 6 - Reset05:49

LG Motion Comic Chapter 6 - Reset

Dyson and Hale search for answers and get more
than they bargained for.


  1. "Lost Girl website includes interactive comic". TV, eh? (from Canwest/Showcase Media Release). August 31, 2010

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