Love Triangle Dyson-Bo-Lauren

The story of Bo's personal growth and involvement within the Fae world includes her relationships with the first two persons she experienced intimacy and sex with, without draining them of their chi and killing them: Dyson, a Light Fae, and Lauren, a human.

Season 4 - The Love Triangle (Showcase)01:07

Season 4 - The Love Triangle (Showcase)

Bo & Dyson (103)

Bo and Dyson

Bo & Lauren (Doccubus) (302)

Bo and Lauren


Love Triangle (107)
Bo-Dyson-Lauren (409)
Lauren and Dyson (107)
Dyson and Lauren (110)
Lauren and Dyson (310)
Lauren and Dyson (408)
Love Triangle Lauren-Bo-Dyson


The love triangle that was established in this show in the first season has been popular from the get-go. People are definitely Team Dyson or Team Lauren. I feel like the Team Lauren side are a little more vocal so it feels like there’s definitely more of a following for that, but I think there’s a following for both. And I think people love the Doccubus element, the Team Lauren stuff, because it’s a relationship between two women that’s real and honest; it’s organic; it’s not sensationalized; and I think that’s what a lot of people can identify with. And with Dyson, I mean, a lot of people like Kris with his shirt off because he has, like, ripped abs and all that stuff, but Kris plays Dyson with so much intensity and this sort of brooding nature, so he’s kind of dangerous; and I think that’s what people like about Bo and Dyson.  – Anna Silk

Lost Girl - Anna Silk Interview - Part 2. (Lost Girl Video / Season 3). January 4, 2013

With Lauren, like with Dyson, there was an instant attraction there, which, frankly — it would be hard not to be attracted to both of them, because they’re both appealing people as well as appealing characters. But with Lauren, she and Bo were more equal in terms of who they are and in what they want and in what they have to offer each other. Even though one is human and one is Fae, there is a shared mindset between them. Even when Bo was with Dyson, the appeal of Lauren never wavered. And Lauren is really there for her always, and Bo knows that.  – Anna Silk

EXCLUSIVE: Anna Silk talks "Lost Girl," Doccubus, and prison jump suits. AfterEllen. February 12, 2013

The love triangle has been a part of the show from the very beginning. And I don't think any of us knew, even the writers and the producers, how impactful that triangle would be. It was meant to be a central part of the story, but I think they really focused on it when they realized the popularity and how much it affected people. And so the triangle is definitely going strong until the very end. But, you know, I always say that Lost Girl made bold choices and Bo makes bold choices, and I feel like that's definitely true within the love triangle, and that's pretty much all I can say. There are bold choices made, but also there's a longer story to be played out with that triangle I think. I like to think that fans are wondering where they are now, what they're doing, and where they'll be in ten years and twenty years, and all of that kind of stuff. But yes, it's definitely a theme right to the end.  – Anna Silk

Exclusive: Anna Silk on Bo's Faemily and the End of Lost Girl. SciFi Vision. February 29, 2016


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