Magic Lamp (214)-1

Magic Lamp as a music box

A Magic Lamp is a device used to capture a Djinn.

Ryan Lambert, the Dark Fae Loki, crafted a music box for Bo to use as a "magic lamp" for capturing the Afreet, Sadie. Unfortunately, both Bo and Ryan squabbled over the music box, resulting in its falling on the floor and breaking. Consequently, it captured all three inside of it: Sadie, Bo, and Ryan.

214 Magic Lamp trap

The Magic Lamp was created from a material with an enchantment that opened an inter-dimensional portal. It was a multi-dimensional containment vessel with intricate machinery and a power supply, and had labyrinth-like boundaries that Ryan built within it.


  • The tune played by the music box is "She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain" — the music of a traditional African-American folk song often categorized as children's music.[1] It has been used in films, television, and cartoons.
  • The idea of the Magic Lamp is similar to Aladdin's Lamp in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights ("The Arabian Nights"), which contained a genie.[2]



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