Manta Under Fae (305)

Manta in steam room

A Manta is a tentacled hermaphrodite Under Fae.

Character arc

The Manta can only survive in subtropical environments. Its vocal tract produces low-frequency mating sounds. It can transfer its sexual energy to Fae and humans as sensations of extreme, heightened pleasure.

305 Manta

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Roman mated with the Manta to absorb the sexual pleasure it consumed from the constant stream of sex with humans.

When Roman was killed and the steam room of Club Liberalia was shut down, the Manta shriveled up and died.


  • Tamsin called the Manta a "sea cow".
  • A manta in the lore of Araucanians is a monster in the form of a cuttlefish. This monster, which lives in deep lakes, is said to drag people under the water and eat them. It may mate with various other animals, producing yet more monsters. It can be killed by the shrub quisco which has many sharp spines. The beast itself is said to have four eyes, with hundreds of smaller eyes round the edges of its mantle. [1]



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