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The Nāga is a rare serpent-like, multi-headed Fae species renowned for its venom – the only substance known to kill a Garuda.

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Nāga true form?
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Character arcEdit

Based on dialogue from Lachlan, The Ash, it seems the Nāga have a long-standing hatred and rivalry with Garudas. The Nāga have the ability to appear human and it is possible this is their natural form. Being the snake-like beings they are, the Nāga can summon a mouthful of jagged fangs filled with venom so deadly that one bite can kill the near invincible Garuda. In addition, it appears to have the ability to regenerate severed heads. This regeneration seems to be limited as for Lachlan's it was possible only four times. It also appears that each head possesses a distinct identity, as Lachlan called his previous heads his "brothers" and referred to them in the third person.


Nāga is the Sanskrit and Pāli word for a deity or class of entity or being, taking the form of a very great snake, specifically the King Cobra, found in Hinduism and Buddhism. The great nemesis of the Nāga in the Mahabharata is the gigantic eagle-king Garuda. Garuda and the Nāga began life as cousins.[1]


In the form of Lachlan:


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