Nate is a human and a struggling musician.

Nate (213)
First appearance: Masks













Known Relatives:



Normal human

Portrayed by:

Aaron Ashmore

Character arc

Nate and Kenzi used to be neighbours when she was six years old. During that time, Kenzi had a crush on the older boy. Later Nate moved away to live with his mother.

Years later when Kenzi is preparing a surprise party for Bo's birthday and trying to find a band/musician to play for the party they cross paths again. Turns out Nate is a guitarist and impresses Kenzi with his music. She hires him for the gig and later he is one of the people attending the party. He draws pictures of Bo and the rest and Kenzi gives the album to Bo the following morning.

After that he visits Kenzi at The Clubhouse and sings her a song the lyrics for which are a note written by Kenzi when they were kids. They share a kiss and Nate asks her to accompany him on a tour. She agrees and they leave the next day. Upon their return they go on a double date with Bo and Ryan Lambert.

The date is a disaster, but Ryan tries for Bo's sake to fix things and asks The Morrigan, a talent scout in the human world, to help Nate's career. Upon seeing her, Kenzi is terrified but manages to talk her out of the deal by promising to owe her a favor. The Morrigan leaves Kenzi to deliver the bad news to Nate and he is really disappointed thinking he has blown his chance to become famous. Kenzi tries to comfort him telling him he'll have many other chances.

When Bo and her team are preparing to battle The Garuda, Kenzi breaks up with Nate to protect him from the dangers of the Fae by telling him she doesn't love him, and prevents his becoming collateral damage.






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