Order of Raina Coat of Arms (412)

Coat of arms with crest

The Order of Raina is a monarchical order of loyal warriors that protect their queen.

Character arc

Knights from the Order of Raina displayed a tattoo of its coat of arms on the upper arm. The queen bee crest on the emblem means loyalty to The Queen, the one true leader.

The One is The Succubus, Bo.

Bo intentionally aligned herself with the Dark Fae, but what Fae clan the Order of Raina was aligned with was not explained in the episode.

Rosette was a Knight from the Order of Raina.


  • Persephone: Only you have the Helskór. Only you are the one. – to Bo (Like Hell Pt.2)
  • Bo: That's what being The One is, right? The Queen marching forward, never looking back. – (Big in Japan)


  • The word Raina derives from the Latin word "Regina" and means "Queen".[1]
  • Chivalric orders are societies and fellowships of knights founded in imitation of the Christian military orders of the Crusades. After the crusades, the memory of these crusading military orders became idealised and romanticised.[2]
  • The emergence of heraldry as we know it today was linked to the need to distinguish participants quickly and easily in combat. Distinguishing devices were used on surcoats ("coats of arms"), shields, and caparisoned horses, and it would have been natural for knights to use the same devices as those already used on their banners and seals. A formal system of rules developed into ever more complex forms of heraldry to ensure that each knight's arms were unique (at least within the same jurisdiction).[3]
  • There are various conjectures as to the origins of heraldic arms. As early as predynastic Egypt c. 3100 BC, an emblem known as a serekh was used to indicate the extent of influence of a particular regime, sometimes carved on ivory labels attached to trade goods, but also used to identify military allegiances and in a variety of other ways. It led to the development of the earliest hieroglyphs.[4]



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