Una Mens powers transfer to sixth Origin Seed (410)

Una Mens powers enter Origin Seed

The Origin Seed is a seed from the sacred papyrus plant that was used to create The Una Mens council.

After a rebellion that followed The Great War, a peace was offered in which The Blood King relinquished power to a council made up of six Fae willing to sacrifice their individual flaws, desires, and souls — forming a single soul without ego or ambition. Six seeds of the sacred plant were given to six Fae to swallow. It took a council of six Fae to keep control on The Una Mens power.

Una Mens Origin Seed tray (405)

The King agreed to become part of The Una Mens, but he betrayed them and vanished, taking the sixth Origin Seed with him. Had he become one with them, The Una Mens would have been able to enforce the Blood Laws unchallenged. Trick kept the sixth seed hidden in the vault within his chamber at The Dal.

If The Una Mens were slain their power would be amassed into the remaining Origin Seed. Bo killed The Una Mens and the powers of their individual species transferred to the seed and combined.

Una Mens Origin Seed stolen (410)

Massimo stole the seed from Trick's vault to give to his mother, The Morrigan, but she rejected his attempts to make her love him. He then swallowed the seed and absorbed the abilities of the slain Una Mens, including being able to reflect the power of any Fae that challenged them. However, the power of the Origin Seed began to devour him.


ROSETTE: The prophecy says the slaying of The Una Mens also creates the power of the Origin Seed. – to Bo (Origin)


The papyrus reed symbolised the primaeval birthplace on earth of the ark or cradle of the Eternal Child. In Egyptian mythology the goddess Isis concealed her infant son, Horus, in a basket in the Papyrus swamps to hide him from the evil God Set. This is the prototype of the Hebrew myth narrated in Exodus 2 ii, and of similar stories in Basuto and Zulu folklore.[1]



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